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Sofia Albarrán

Mexican Spanish Tutor 🇲🇽

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Cancellation Policy

Reschedule and Refund policy Cancel a class: In the event that the student cannot take a class, the class may be rescheduled according to the teacher's availability. In the event that the teacher is the one who for some reason cannot teach the class, the teacher also has the chance to reschedule the session according to the availability of both parties (teacher and student). Class cancellation will also be possible and may be refunded depending on the following aspects: If the class is canceled immediately after booking: 100% refund Class canceled one week before class: 80% refund Class canceled 6 to 3 days before class: 50% refund Class canceled 48 hours before class: 20% refund Class canceled 24 hours before class: 0% refund

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